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We are developing a new map-based encyclopedia from which anyone will be able to reflect upon the broad social and political situation in today's world from a bird's-eye perspective, with systematic and in-depth content created by specialists invited from around the globe.

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The first version of our encyclopedia is ready

Scientific Content, Popularised


We are currently developing the first three themes.

Next Milestone

Developing an Interactive Map

We aim to embed our encyclopedia into an interactive socio-political map of the world. To provide a complete global picture.

Visualisation of the Future Map

A Decade of War in Ukraine

Visualisation of the Future Map

Global Issues

Visualisation of the Future Map


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Atlas is a nonprofit initiative that is currently being developed almost entirely by volunteers. By joining our membership community, you will enable us to create new topics, develop the interactive map, build partnerships, and deliver this resource to more people around the world.