A Comprehensive Portrait
A Decade of War in Ukraine

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A comprehensive portrait of the war: from its origins, to societal and governmental developments, to its impact on living conditions and daily life around the world.
38 fold increase
In total no. Ukrainian & Russian refugees and asylum seekers since 2021, UNHCR,
$30 billion
Estimated global military aid to Ukraine, SIPRI, 2023.
Total no. Ukrainian citizens killed in the conflict, 2014 - 2023. OHCHR, 2023.

The Story of the War and Its Historical Context

Understand the background of the war and its ongoing development, including political and societal changes in Russia and Ukraine, events such as the Orange Revolution and the conflict itself since 2014.
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From documentaries to databases and debates, these resources, selected by our team from across the web, will help you understand the war and its full context.

About This Project

A Decade of War in Ukraine aims to provide a comprehensive portrait of the ongoing Russo–Ukrainian War. This resource goes beyond existing online sources such as the news, documentaries and analyses to capture the full reality of the conflict. Through specialist entries from academics, researchers and journalists, we hope to broaden everyone's understanding of the causes and consequences of the war in Ukraine, Russia and beyond.
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