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Showing the whole environment of the country — the society, government, living conditions, and daily life
Human Development Index (52nd) 2021 / 2022, UNDP
14.3 %
Poverty rate at national poverty line ≈ 185 $, Rosstat, 2022
Human Development Index
Human Development Index (52nd) 2021 / 2022
Human Rights Index
Varieties of Democracy project, 2022
14.3 %
Poverty rate
Poverty rate at national poverty line ≈ 185 $,
Rosstat, 2022

Nature and Living Conditions

An overview of living in Russia across different regions; from the natural conditions to salaries and health care, and how specific groups operate within a political environment
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Historical Roots

A deep dive into the historical events that define the Russia we see today
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Atlas of Russia is the first microsite of the Atlas of Today’s World. The first of many to showcase our work and make current media more whole. Atlas goes beyond traditional information sources like the news, documentaries, personal stories, and analyses and captures the full reality of life in Russia. By bringing a complete information picture, we fill a missing knowledge gap and augment the existing Kremlin-focused media landscape.
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