What, Why & How

Building a Comprehensive Portrait

We dream of an encyclopedia that gives everyone access to a precise picture of the broad socio-political situation today.  Only with a global perspective can we build a truly human world.

Why: The Lack of a Complete Picture

Thanks to the global media environment, we currently have access to knowledge about almost any issue from around the world at our fingertips. The journalistic media provide news, stories, expert analyses, and explainers, and Wikipedia offers a user-friendly introduction to nearly any topic. All of this, supported by citizen journalism via social media, and we can directly witness global events.

However, despite this scope, there is a lack of media outlets that bring all the information together so that anyone anywhere can easily develop a comprehensive understanding of the situation around the world.

How: A Map-Based Encyclopedia with a Bird's-Eye Perspective


Entries Written by Experts: Our encyclopedia is based on big-picture scientific entries that provide comprehensive overviews of the issues in a user-friendly format. For each entry, we seek a relevant specialist. These are primarily academics from universities and research centres but also include researchers from respected NGOs, neutral think tanks, and specialised journalists.


Embedded Into a World Map: We plan to complement our encyclopedia with an interactive socio-political map of the world. By bringing together existing data, country profiles with recommended third-party resources, and visualisations of global topics, it will allow everyone to see the complete picture in a compact and easy-to-use way.


Descriptive & Neutral: By avoiding political and ethical associations and remaining open to novel ideas, our long-term goal is to create an informative source for people of various backgrounds.


An Easily Accessible Source: Inspired by other encyclopedias such as Wikipedia and Britannica, we hope to become an easy-to-access resource that is available in moments when people need a global picture. To achieve this, we aim to become interconnected with Google searches and selected Wikipedia entries while building partnerships with journalists, NGOs, and influencers.


Multilingual Objective: Although originally created in English, we are not solely aimed at English-speaking audiences. To ensure this resource is available to anyone anywhere, we will be working with translators and AI translation tools.


Member Focus: We are a non-profit non-governmental initiative that aims to be funded primarily by our membership community. This income can be additionally supported by institutional or private grants and through cooperation with universities and NGOs. With this funding model, we wish to have the members always at the core.

More About Our Strategy

Our Story

From volunteering during the Refugee Crisis to the student-governed project Online Encyclopedia of Migration, our major concern through the years has been the limitations and gaps inherent in the media system. In response, we decided to design a broader information source through which everyone will be able to understand the global socio-political situation.

Here it is: Atlas of Today’s World.


Refugee Crisis & Online Encyclopedia of Migration

During the Refugee Crisis in 2015, while providing water and blankets to Syrian refugees in the Balkans, we were exposed to the limitations and gaps inherent in the media system. Why had those affected been forced to flee? Why were they afraid of their relatives? What was everyday life in Aleppo really like? Their names and migration stories were being reported, but deeper knowledge about life in Syria was not sufficiently available to the wider world.

In order to address this, we launched the Online Encyclopedia of Migration in 2017: a digital platform that aimed to provide well-researched information about migration to Europe and the situations in the countries of origin. We wanted this to be available to everyone.

During this time, we collaborated with various academic institutions, NGOs and media outlets in the Czech Republic, which resulted in our special feature projects: The Story of the Syrian War and Went to Europe.


Designing Atlas of Today's World

This project taught us a lot, but it also inspired us to begin analysing the media system and its limitations on the global level. From there, we decided to design a broader information source through which everyone would be able to understand the overall socio-political situation in today's world.

May 2024

Prototype & Community Building Launch

The first version of our encyclopedia is ready. It consists of three initial themes: Global Issues, Russia, and A Decade of War in Ukraine. We start building the first membership community.

Our Current Goal

Initial Themes, Testing, and Partnerships

Securing the current funding goal would enable us to focus on further developing our initial three themes, testing the encyclopedia, and negotiating further academic, funding, and media partnerships.

Our Next

Developing an Interactive Map

Achieving the following funding goal would allow us to begin embedding our encyclopedia into an interactive socio-political map of the world. Gradually, version by version, we will develop an ideal interface.

Our Following

Filling the Map & Focusing on Impact

Once we've reached the sustainable goal of 2000 members donating monthly, we could begin filling the gaps in the map with entries covering individual countries and global topics; we will also focus more extensively on cooperation with journalists, NGOs, and influencers.

More About Our Story

A Concept Built on Cooperation and Partnerships

We do not create the content ourselves. Our role is similar to that of an academic journal. We build the infrastructure and perform the editorial tasks while inviting scholars and other specialists from all over the world to contribute.

Through partnerships across the global media system, we aim to deliver our source to everyone in the moments they most need it. In this way, our encyclopedia will be easily accessible to anyone anywhere.

Academic Partners

Help introduce specialists and guarantee the quality and neutrality of the content.

Funding Partners

Help accelerate our development and fund specific projects.

Media Partners

Help deliver our entries to the public via hypertext links, quotations, interactive info boxes, and other paths.

Who Are We?

Currently, we are an international team of 15 individuals who work remotely and are mostly volunteers. We combine knowledge in human and social sciences with skills in IT, marketing, and media studies. Many of us are personally motivated by events such as the 2015 refugee crisis and the war in Ukraine. Over the course of the 8-year project, around 150 individuals have been involved.

We are a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that has been registered in the Czech Republic since 2016 (Online encyklopedie migrace, z.s.; our registration information is available here).

Jakub Mucka
Founder & CEO
Tara Matthews
Chief Editor
Stepan Nesada
Impact Manager
Jitka Hruzova
Visual Lead
Marek Ševčík
Heidi Koelle
General Editor
Federico D'Alessio
General Editor
Vicki McKenna
Liam Foley
Marc-Antoine Bernard
Samson Tanko
EC (Google Ads)
Lukáš Simandl
Agile Couch
Martina Piskorova
Marketing Advisor

Seeking New Collaborators and Partners

We are looking for specialised authors, and academic, media, and funding partners who can help us establish our new encyclopedia.

For potential authors:
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